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The Collection
What will you find in the Elizabeth Lucas Collection?

Artwork — Elizabeth Lucas imagery, as you’ll see in the Collection gallery, varies from depictions of Nature to Industrial & Victorian Age icons. Our blend of different backings plus reimagining the classical art styles is what creates our unique “New Vintage” motif. Multi-Layer Prints are made by printing separate images on different fabrics (e.g. cheesecloth and cotton) and combining them. Recycled Cardboard Prints are made with recycled fruit boxes incorporated into the final art. Prints on Wood use a series of barn timbers cut into shape & printed upon. Prints on Steel use galvanized steel with ELC artwork imprinted on it, surrounded by a barn timber frame. Prints on Lucite use two sheets, each with a foreground & background image, stacked to create a modern display. All the art prints are sealed and framed to protect their quality.

Pillows — We make accent pillows and floor pillows. They are created in much the same way as our multi-layer prints: 2 separate images individually printed and hand-sewn together to make the pillow front. You’ll find depictions of animals, insects and sea life. All our pillows use down infill backed in canvas, linen, or burlap. Finally, the pillows are finished with our signature trim.

Furniture — Furniture pieces receive custom upholstery with our classic “New Vintage” art. An art print is made on sturdy canvas or burlap, and either slipcovered or directly upholstered onto the furniture. So far we’ve made ottomans, cubes, benches, dining chairs, bed headboards, coffee tables & end tables. We can even trim the ottomans, benches & cubes in a variety of fabrics. Most of our furniture gallery displays plant and animal imagery—but you can request whichever ELC artwork you want!

ELC Market — A separate label for our line of select single-layer canvas prints and decorative pillows, standardized for retail. ELC Market products are made in the same way as all our other prints. Single-layer prints are made of canvas and hand-tacked onto frames with finishing nails. The frames are 2” poplar wood – much stronger and better quality than most retail art. Pillows are made of cotton with a burlap back and down infill. We have some with trim and some knife-edge.

Every Elizabeth Lucas piece is made to the same standard:

Limited Editions: Our high-quality prints are limited to runs of 100, to retain their value for years.
Print Sizes: Range from 18" x 30" to 60" x 60". See the item's description for its print size.
Environmentally Friendly: We use natural materials (e.g. recycled wood) and "green" inks on all prints.
Handmade in the USA: Every piece is handmade in our Sun Valley, Idaho studio with local materials and labor.

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